An Appeal For Redevelopement?

Greetings to one and all!
St. Anne?s School began quietly and modestly in June, 1976 with 110 tiny tots.
The seed sown 40 years ago has now become a mighty oak, a full-fledged school educating and nurturing nearly 3000 children, both in the English & Marathi medium School which aim at providing academic, physical,moral, social & spiritual formation to all our students so as to make them good citizens of society, nation and the world at large. As we reflect on the past, we feel guided, inspired, encouraged and fortunate to have been blessed with very generous benefactors.
We know, we have the same spirit, even today. So, in this grace-filled Ruby Jubilee Year, let us work together as a team to run this extraordinary journey of ours in raising funds for the new building, which will be a landmark in Borivli and beyond.
Our school building is now 40 years old and there is evidence of structural stress. In the recent past, huge amounts have been spent on repair work. After consulting architects, civil and structural engineers, the School Management has now decided to redevelop a new school building.
It will be a five storied structure, with 60 spacious Class Rooms, Library, Audio-Visual room, Staffroom, Activity rooms, Sports room, Prayer room, Infirmary room, Administration Office, Principal?s Chamber, School Officer lnformation & Technology room, Wash rooms etc. These modern amenities will not only cater to the multi-faceted educational needs of our students but will also help in their holistic development.
The estimated cost for the same is expected to be Rs. 35 crores. Each class room costs approximately Rs. 30 Lakhs. The names of the donors contributing Rs. f lakh and above will be displayed in the school.
Donors who sponsor classrooms for Rs 30lakhs and above will have their names engraved in a plaque which will also be displayed in the school.
We realize, we have a long way to go and for this we look forward to the number of avenues for anyone wishing to support St. Anne?s.
We all know how unique an educational experience St. Anne?s has provided to each one of us. If we want to be good stewards, we need to give back and support St.Anne?s School.
Hence we make a sincere appeal to all parents, ex-students, well wishers and friends who have been associated with our school over the years to contribute generously. Looking forward to your most valuable co-operation which will be highly appreciated and duly acknowledged.
May God shower His choicest blessings upon you.
Your generous contributions, by cheques and demand drafts only, can be made to:
Name : St. Anne?s New School Building Fund
Bank : South Indian Bank
Branch : Borivali (West)
MICRcode : 400059010
Name, address and PAN no. will be required for all donations received. Donation to this Trust qualiftes for deduction under Sec. 8OG of Income Tax Act, 1961, as per the order of the Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai, bearing 80G certificate no: DIT (E) MUM/80G/1296/2007/2008-09.
Yours in humble service,
For The Management and Staff,
St. Anne?s High School,
Borivali (West)


Dear Sir / Madam,
St. Anne?s Girls High School, Borivali was established in 1976 with a primary focus of educating and nurturing girls in and around the area.
In these 40 years we have successfully educated and given life lines to around nine thousand girls. Many of the St.Anne?s Alumni are well placed and holding prestigious positions in various sectors of industry in India and abroad, for which we are proud of.
The school building is now 40 years old and is showing signs of structural weakness and is beyond repair. Now the time has come to rebuild the school to retain the glory of St. Anne?s School for the future generations. The school management has decided to construct a new school building with modern amenities to cater to today?s multi-faceted educational needs and provide quality and holistic education.
We are having Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary sections in both Marathi and English mediums in our school. The estimated cost of constructing a new school building is more than the reserve funds we have.
We make a humble appeal to you for generous donation from your esteemed organization for funds for the new school building.
Your valuable contribution can be made by any mode of payment and we will be glad to accept them with sincere gratitude.
Any donation made to this account has the benefit of Tax exemption as per ? 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.
It is people like you who give great inspiration to us by way of social service to continue serving the society in the field of education.
With your generous donation we will be able to accomplish our mission of having a holistic education centre.
We assure you of proper use of your donation and all transactions will be transparent, which will be made available for your verification / scrutiny, if you so desire.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,
Sr. Rosily Lonappan
Secondary Principal