Teachers Forming a new Zeal in teaching

‘Super excited to Step Forward’ 

‘Inner Peace and bliss … Yoga


‘if your action inspire others to dream…  You are a leader’

St. Anne & St. Joaquim pray for us

‘Our greatest blessings – Grandparents’

Wishing won’t keep you safe, Safety Will ‘


‘St. Anne’s Patriotic Spirit’

‘Art is the gift of God ’

‘Life is a song, Sing it.’

Beauty of Our Country – Unity in diversity

‘Fun, Frolic, Relaxation’

If You stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.


‘Teachers – ‘ a friend, Philosopher and guide ’

‘Be Clean, be healthy ’ 

‘Don’t be Mean, Keep clean’

The Most Powerful Person in the world is a Story teller.

” We all Scream for ice-cream – Arun Ice Cream ”

“Habits change into Character” – Thematic Day theme Good Habits.


Celebrating birthday of Father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi

Bringing the light of goodness with diya decoration and lantern making Competition

“Success comes to those you workhard” – Students all set for I Semester exam.


Rack your brains its Quiz time
Fun learning outside the School
Celebrating the happiness of God’s beautiful Gift – Children’s day
‘Students exhibiting their immense potential through dynamic Lavni Dances’
Celebrating 70th Anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution
Health is wealth ‘ Don’t eat less, Eat right ‘

‘Honouring Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’-‘Education Day’


To Kidzania on 3rd Dec. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘Explore, Learn, Enjoy its Picnic time ‘

Seminar on ‘ Awarness on Child Abuse ‘

‘ To Cherish peace and good will ‘


A Seminar by Dr. Pratik Sundardashe on Child Psychology for teachers

‘An opportunity to inculate all life skill’  Annual Day – ‘Education for growth of the Inner Spirit’

‘ Soar high in the realm of freedom…. ‘